Nutella Quietly Changed Its Recipe And Fans Promptly Lost Their Shit

It's OK, you guys!

Nutella fans, take a deep breath. The makers of the hazelnut spread have acknowledged they altered its ingredients after a German regulatory board spotted the change.

Eric Gaillard / Reuters

The new recipe was first reported by the Hamburg Consumer Protection Center, which posted on its Facebook page. The center reported the ~new Nutella~ has more skimmed milk powder, and is a shade lighter than its old spread.

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The new ingredients include less cocoa, slightly more sugar, and slightly less fat, the center said.

It added it asked the spread's makers, Ferrero, about the change, but got no response.

"Obviously, Ferrero does not want to grant its customers too much transparency," it said.

To Nutella die hards, this news was NOT GOOD. They angrily took to social media to voice their concerns.

@NutellaUSA Guys, after you "updated" the recipe, I am done with Nutella. Feed that crap to somebody else!

"I've eaten your product since 1971. Can you leave it alone?" said Sheryl, one upset fan.

@NutellaUSA I've eaten your product since 1971. Can you leave it alone? We don't need more sugar and powdered milk.…

It gave people a lot of feelings!

nutella are changing their recipe

The hashtag #nutellagate was born!

Nutella are changing their recipe... #NutellaGate

And many had dire warnings.

Nutella needs to research the New Coke fiasco of the 1980’s & understand the value of the original, classic recipe.

"Hey @NutellaUSA, do you see us trying to change Beyoncé or Demi Lovato? No, because you don’t go and change perfection! Have a nice day," said one fan.

Hey @NutellaUSA, do you see us trying to change Beyoncé or Demi Lovato? No, because you don’t go and change perfect…

Basically, people are mad.

Nutella has changed its recipe #MakeMeAngryIn5Words


Just when you think things could not be any worse in the world, you wake up and discover #Nutella is ruined. Y’all…

In response to the meltdown, a spokesperson for Nutella assured its fans that the change was just a "fine-tuning."

Hi @Walt395 our recipe underwent a fine-tuning and continues to deliver the Nutella fans know and love with high quality ingredients.

"It is only minimal in relation to the whole product, and all relevant nutritional aspects remain similar," the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. "The amount of total sugar has not increased. Quality and sourcing of all other Nutella ingredients have remained the same. 100% Nutella quality - that is what we aim for and that has not changed! This is confirmed by permanent quality controls and numerous permanent taste tests with our consumers."