This Guy's Viral Twitter Thread About His Neighbor's Pets Breaking Into His House Is Seriously Hilarious

Homeward Bound, Brooklyn style.

JP Brammer, the managing editor for the Trevor Project, was minding his own business at his apartment in Brooklyn this weekend when he found himself in the middle of his own Homeward Bound saga.

Brammer told BuzzFeed News' AM to DM that he lives in a "pretty terrible," shoddily constructed apartment building that has doors that "kind of suck."

So, his neighbor's pets, a cat and two dogs, could pretty easily escape from their apartment and go on a little adventure. Their great escape led them to Brammer's doorstep, and they knocked on his door with their feet.

He tweeted what happened next, in a thread that went viral.

there’s a... cat and two dogs knocking on my apartment door? like inside the building what do I do omg

Hallo hooman, may we come in?

Brammer went outside to say hi, but the cat slipped into his house and made himself right at home.

yeah this cat is settling the fuck in help

Brammer said he loved his visitors, but wanted to get on with his day.

Before dealing with the cat situation, he tried to return the dogs to their home. But then this kept happening...

these are the masterminds I’m up against by the way look at this shit

Brammer decided to wait around with the pets until their owners came home, because he didn't want them to get lost.

They seemed pretty pleased with themselves.

never-fucking-mind to that last update

Brammer finally enlisted another neighbor who owns dogs to help him corral the animals.

They devised this contraption to try and keep the animals inside.

ok so we checked and the apartment is indeed empty. dogs are in there now. cat is in there as well. my mental peace is literally hanging by this one string the other dog owner set up

Brammer told AM to DM it took "forever" for the owners to return home, and his mind began to run wild.

"I was like, 'Oh god, they're dead," he said. "Oh god, the owners are in their bedrooms or something and there's dead bodies in there and the [Twitter] thread's gonna take a huge turn for the worse, because where are they? So I was having this panic attack."

Don't worry, though: The owners are fine and back with their pets.

Watch the full story below:

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