20 Pups Celebrating "National Puppy Day" Because You Need This Right Now

Keep calm and look at puppies.

The internet has apparently declared Thursday as "National Puppy Day." So, here are 20 pups that are celebrating in style.

1. This rescue pup, who has the best ears.

Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Need we say more? 😍

2. This pupper, who helps out his owner as a guide dog.

I feel lucky having my gorgeous guide dog helping me get through life. He still a pup to me had him for a year.🐶💙🐾… https://t.co/17w7k1QShQ

3. This lil' husky, who is the "greatest wingman in the world."

happy #NationalPuppyDay! this is olive she's a 9 week old husky and she is the greatest wingman in the world 💛

4. This guy, who is ready to fiesta.

Happy #NationalPuppyDay to mi perro. I'm sure Bubba will be celebrating accordingly today ❤️😂

5. This squishy pup, who just wants a hug.

This cutie is keeping me on my toes for #NationalPuppyDay. #journeyofacottonblossom #jcvillegas

6. These floofy guys, who look fun to pet.

#NationalPuppyDay Two of my poms when they were pups Chance & Teddy

7. This service-dog-to-be, who is already such a good boy.

Happy National Puppy day to my Service Pup in Training, Addi! ❤️You're going to change the life of a child soon, my… https://t.co/ofJl4gYJCy

8. This regal man, who is pretty damn majestic.

It's the bbbys day #NationalPuppyDay

9. This Frenchie, who loves to rock a fashionable outfit.

OMG why didn't anyone tell me it's #NationalPuppyDay! I'm so head over heels in love with my soon to be 1 year old… https://t.co/NYBo1vJ69f

10. This curly cutie pie, who looks great on video.

#NationalPuppyDay ❤❤❤❤❤❤

11. This future MVP.

#NationalPuppyDay Big Doggy Diesel

12. This guy, whose hair color matches his mom's pretty well.

13. This pupper, who is not so little anymore.

#NationalPuppyDay he may be 150lbs+, but he'll always be a puppy to me. ❤

14. This sassy pug, who slays everyday.

#NationalPuppyDay You da best girlllll! Thank you for slaying every day with me Penelope ❤

15. This cutie patootie, who loves the Giants.

16. This adorable Dachshund, who loves a good pet.

happy #NationalPuppyDay to the cutest lil dachshund ever 🌭💛

17. This big boy, who isn't letting go of this toy no matter what you say.

Happy National Puppy Day!! Our big baby is 9 months old! #NationalPuppyDay

18. This adorable girl, who is not afraid to get a little dirty.

Adorable cuteness on the left, mud-loving reality on the right #westillloveher #adoptdontshop #nationalpuppyday 🐶

19. These cute friends, who just love to snuggle.

Happy #NationalPuppyDay from Cosmo and Rosie! @CityOfLasVegas

20. And this little guy, who doesn't get what the fuss is about anyway.

Here's a picture of Gus. #NationalPuppyDay

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