This Fisherman Caught An Insanely Huge 280-Pound Catfish

Dino Ferrari nabbed the beast at the Po River in northern Italy.

An Italian man says he caught this monstrous catfish while sport fishing at a river last week.

Dino Ferrari caught the 280-pound fish at the Po River in northern Italy.

Ferrari's sponsor company Sportex Italy posted the images of his huge catch online. The fish was nearly nine feet long.

Ferrari appeared on CNN on Wednesday to defend his monster catch against skeptics.

He said he has been fishing for decades, but has never caught a catfish this big. Ferrari was with his brother, who was driving the boat, when he nabbed the beast.

It took him over 40 minutes to wrangle the fish, he said.

"It was just an incredible moment," he told CNN.

Since he was fishing for sport, Ferrari only held onto the fish for about 30 minutes before releasing it back into the wild, CNN reported.

Watch a video of the catfish:

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