A Mom Live-Tweeted Her Son's "Abstinence-Based" Sex Ed Class

Alice Dreger said she decided to attend the class at East Lansing High School in Michigan after her son told her how "bad" it was.

A mom in Michigan who's a medical ethics professor says she was banned from her son's high school after she live-tweeted and criticized his sex ed class.

Alice Dreger, who teaches at Northwestern, says she focuses on "social justice work in medicine and science," and has written about what she calls the "gaps" in sex education and her belief that children should be taught sex is pleasurable.

On Tuesday, she posted on Twitter that her 14-year-old son told her that he was being taught "sexual abstinence" in his sex ed class at East Lansing High School in Michigan, and he invited her to attend the class to "see how bad it is."

The class is taught by outside teachers the school hires to teach the curriculum, she told BuzzFeed News.

She then live-tweeted the whole thing.

I can't stand this. They're teaching "abstinence stories" that worked and non-abstinence" stories that "led to consequences."

She said one of the teachers told the students he had sex as a teenager, and got his girlfriend pregnant. He said his girlfriend was ostracized, and added that both of their fathers were alcoholics.

The whole lesson here is "sex is part of a terrible lifestyle. Drugs, unemployment, failure to finish school -- sex is part of the disaster"

The teacher said he then found a "good girl" who believed in abstinence, and decided to be celibate as well. They are now married, he said.

"You'll find a good girl. If you find one that says 'no,' that's the one you want." HE ACTUALLY JUST SAID THAT.

Dreger claimed another teacher gave the students some questionable statistics about condoms.

She says per the FDA 1 out of every 400 boxes of condom can be totally defective. "You might get that 400th box." BE AFRAID!

She's now telling story of condom box in which EVERY SINGLE CONDOM HAD A HOLE.

And played some manipulative games.

"We are going to roll this dice 8 times. Every time your number comes up, in pretend your condom failed and you get a paper baby." JESUS!!!

Paper babies are being handed out to EVERYONE. They have ALL HAD CONDOM FAILURE AND THE WHOLE CLASS IS PREGNANT.

Dreger tweeted that it was then that she "lost it" and got in trouble "for saying fuck 10 times in front of some students."

I lost it after class. I think I'm now in trouble for saying fuck 10 times in front of some students. And yelling about how awful it was.

On Thursday, she wrote that she's been banned from most events at her son's school over her outburst. She told BuzzFeed News the school told her she will now be subject to "special monitoring" when she visits.

In the meantime I've been banned from the high school (except for drop off/pick up/concerts/conferences) for saying 'fuck' after class.

A certified letter is being sent to me by the school district informing me of this and naming my after class potty mouth as 'inappropriate.'

East Lansing High School principal Coby Fletcher told BuzzFeed News in a statement that the class is not abstinence-only, but "abstinence-based."

Dreger, he said, went to a class where abstinence was taught.

"Hence, the tweets are more reflective of the personal biases of the individual making them than they are of the high school curriculum," he said.

Fletcher said that if parents are unhappy with the curriculum, they are invited to voice their concerns to the superintendent, but that Dreger seemed to simply want to "belittle and berate."

"This is not representative of the conduct we expect to see adults model for our students," he said.

Fletcher would not confirm Dreger was banned, but simply said "the school has taken appropriate action."

However, Dreger said she was just trying to shed light on the issue.

The problem is not the HS regular teachers. It's the hired closeted-conservative hacks brought in to teach sex ed. Needs to change.

She told BuzzFeed News she thinks her son attends an overall good school district, but it's clear the district is "clueless" about what the outside teachers are teaching their students.

Dreger added that she knows other parents have complained before, but nothing has been done about the "shame-based" curriculum.

"I don't think my school district should be sex shaming girls or boys or anyone," she said.

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