A Fly Landed On Mike Pence's Head During A Critical Moment Of The VP Debate

Yeah, it was weird.

Here's something weird that happened during the vice presidential debate. While the candidates were discussing a serious topic, the death of Breonna Taylor and their stances on criminal justice reform, this happened.

A fly landed on Mike Pence's head. He didn't seem to notice — or ignored it — continuing to answer the question. But people at home sure did.

I was about to break my damn tv thinking I had a fly in my house! That thing was holding on for dear life to Pence head lol

Yeah, it was weird!


People got distracted and missed the answers because they couldn't focus on anything but the fly.

I’m sorry but that fly distracted tf outta me 😭😭😭😭😭 I ain’t hear nun they said

It was pretty funny, and soon people began to make a ton of jokes online.

“I just couldn’t stand by and listen to his lies any longer.”

the fly when it landed on pences head

Lots of projections were put on the fly.

The fly on Pence’s head knowing it’s about to be the only thing Twitter talks about

It just wouldn't leave, further distracting everyone from the substance of the debate.

pence has had a fly on his head for like 5 minutes are you kidding right now hahHahahahhaha #Debates2020

This fly was admirably resilient. Parked there for like 10 minutes. An inspiration to us all.

Then it flew away.

I cannot stop watching the fly launching off Pence’s head

The fly is gone, but its legacy remains: in the form of lame politician jokes. The Biden campaign was ~~~buzzing~~~ about it.

Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly. https://t.co/CqHAId0j8t

As were Democrats in general.

Obama Kills Fly During Interview https://t.co/pxns0z6ohj

They even registered the URL: flywillvote.com.

https://t.co/qNIYVjqmAU Look it up. Super important. #VPDebate

Even Republicans got involved in the wisecracks.

The deep state planted a bug on @VP. The illegal spying is really out of control.

TL;DR: They spent an hour debating the critical issues and future of our country and everyone's talking about a fly.

Can't wait until Mike Pence gets off stage and realizes all anyone is going to talk about is the fly that landed on his head and sat there for 5 solid minutes while the world cheered it on

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