Michelle Obama's Inauguration Look Has Everyone Losing Their Minds

The look, by Black American designer Sergio Hudson, also came with a gold belt.

Michelle Obama came to Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday wearing a plum suit and matching overcoat, and everyone lost their minds.

The look, by Black American designer Sergio Hudson, also came with a gold belt.

People were immediately obsessed with the fit.

Not Michelle Obama doing it LIKE THIS

Twitter: @SussexPrincess

omg michelle obama is S-E-R-V-I-N-G!

Twitter: @sisterariola

Sure, Biden may be president, but Michelle's outfit made her queen.

My Gawd, I just feel like Michelle Obama's look gotta be sworn in for... something. Just...I've seen enough, I'm calling this the best look of the inauguration. Projected Winner 99.9% reporting.

Twitter: @ItsTheBrandi


Twitter: @AbeniJewel

Like I said, LOST their minds.

Literally just screaming “Michelle Obama walking down the hall!” over and over again.

Twitter: @oureric

Some made videos of her arrival.

Twitter: @SleezeMaraj

Everyone had a favorite part of the look.

Those CURLS.

Michelle went down to the beauty shop and said let me get some curls for the girls

Twitter: @DukeOfShade


Twitter: @lovemuthonii

Another angle because this Sergio Hudson look on Michelle is phenomenal. The silhouette, tailoring, and movement of the garment. All with the bouncy curls and side part. *chefs kiss*. Meredith Koop (stylist) doesn’t miss. #InagurationDay

Twitter: @AvyGaga
Twitter: @DNVRSN

Do you see the bounce in First Lady Michelle Obama’s curls?! Do you see that coat?! #Inauguration

Twitter: @Fabulousity201

Or her belt.

Twitter: @LoBeezzy

Michelle left that coat open, like, You *will* see this belt. You will appreciate it. https://t.co/Ioz2usvhgW

Twitter: @mattiekahn

My eternal fashion muse, Michelle Obama, in deep plum Sergio Hudson. Curls worthy of a Pantene commercial and a belt that's giving the internet the vapors.

Twitter: @elvainadine

michelle obama’s belt. it’s a serve your honor.

Twitter: @idgajon

Watch lace front, watch jumpsuit ,watch belt. My girl Michelle u hot bad. A you take it https://t.co/PiU0Sy0YZl

Twitter: @kissyBerries

Or just basically all of it.

Just exclaimed OH MY GOD. Is this a regal palazzo pant?

Twitter: @michelleruiz

Memes abounded.

how it started how its going #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration #Inaugurationday

Twitter: @photosbybeanz83
Twitter: @mrmedina

My neck since Michelle Obama won’t take her foot off it

Twitter: @urdadssidepiece

Honorable fashion mentions also go to Vice President Kamala Harris's stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff.

Already obsessed with second daughter Ella Emhoff and her whole *lewk* The coat! The glasses!

Twitter: @emmaladyrose

The Biden girls in their matching monochrome.

That camel monochrome lewk! RT @SunniAndTheCity: Ok!!!!! Biden’s grandkids!

Twitter: @_sarah_smile

And Harris herself, who wore purple to honor Shirley Chisholm.

On CNN, @abbydphillip points out that Kamala Harris is wearing purple, "a nod to Shirley Chisolm, who ran for president decades ago and inspired her career." (Getty Images)

Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_

Well done, ladies.

the girls really woke up today and said 'let me get some fits off'

Twitter: @whembleysewell

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