This Mom Made Her Very First Meme And Her Daughter Made It Go Viral

This is just so pure.

This is Michelle and her 20-year-old daughter, Sasha. Sasha told BuzzFeed News her mom has a great sense of humor.

On the day of the solar eclipse, Michelle was getting annoyed with all the warnings to wear eclipse glasses. So, she was inspired to create a meme about it. It is so pure.

Michelle texted her daughter her creation, writing "hope it goes viral even though I didn't put my name on it."

Sasha decided to post her mom's meme on Twitter, to see if she could make it actually go viral. It worked! It has since been retweeted more than 90,000 times!

My mom made this meme don't let her down

People were very big fans of Michelle.

@Junglefushimi @meakoopa tell your meme this is a good mom

@MrGrantsup / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MrGrantsup

Mom memes are SO much cooler than dad jokes.

@Junglefushimi @SerrinneWoW I'll take mom memes over dad jokes any day 👍

@Anafielle / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Anafielle

12/10 amazing meme.

@Junglefushimi hello i am from the international academy of memes and have certified this meme to be memeworthy

@wheelswordsmith / Twitter / Via Twitter: @wheelswordsmith

Some people even shared their own moms' social media content.

@Junglefushimi This is my mom's account on Twitter and she is learning memes and things. She even made a janky gif.…

@Alia_Stearns_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Alia_Stearns_

"This is the kind of wholesome, genuine content we need in these dark times," one person concluded.

@Junglefushimi this is the kind of wholesome, genuine content we need in these dark times

@TurboQueerJC / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TurboQueerJC

Both Sasha and Michelle were blown away at the retweets, and Michelle has decided she wants to be called "memer mom."

Update: I let my mom know what you all think and she is very pleased and has also decided she wants to be known as…

@Junglefushimi / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Junglefushimi

"She's also very happy to have gained so many new Instagram followers and seeing all the nice comments on there has really made her day too," Sasha said of her mom.

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