This College Student Has The Most Extra Dorm Room And It Is Seriously Amazing

"Damn my dorm room look like a jail cell."

Tamia Barnes is a 19-year-old sophomore at Alabama A&M University. This year, she is working as a resident assistant for the first time.

Since she is an RA, she gets her own room. So, Tamia decided to do it big, and she DELIVERED.

Tamia decorated with mostly things she already had, including a speaker that gives her room a ~purple glow~.

She also made her own DIY vanity.

She also has her own bathroom (?!), and decorated it, too.

Tamia was proud of her handiwork, so she decided to share it on Twitter. People couldn't believe how BIG and nice of a dorm room she had.

In love with my dorm room #aamu

Many people gave her tons of props.

@tamianaomi So freaking lucky 😭😍😍😍😍but it's so pretty girl 💓

"The swaggiest I've EVER seen!" said one admirer.

@tamianaomi The swaggiest (not even a word🤷🏽‍♀️) I've EVER seen! Love it

"Room goals for sure!!"

@tamianaomi Your dorm room is everything girl!! Room goals for sure!! ♡♡♡

Some people wanted tips to make their rooms look like that.

@tamianaomi Girl can you give me some design tips got this room looking like the Hilton

But most college students were like, um, how is that possibly a dorm room?

@tamianaomi Ummm so this isn't a room in a mansion? I'm confused🤔 @itshondaa our dorm rooms aren't even close... not fair.

@tamianaomi must be niceeeeee to have a dorm so spacious

Everyone else's dorm room is not as nice...or like not nice at all.

@Jill_Catherine @tamianaomi meanwhile we living in a dungeon

Is this a luxury dorm?


This was not my experience.

@tamianaomi @kalesalad @bbypp_ they get this and we lived in a shoebox with windows

"Damn my dorm room look like a jail cell."

@tamianaomi Damn my dorm room look like a jail cell

Mine was totally the size of her bed (a queen, BTW).

@tamianaomi @alyoliv1 lmaooo ours were the size of her bed 😂

Basically, everyone now wants to transfer.

@tamianaomi Girl you lucky their dorms look bomb

Keep slaying, Tamia!

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