This Guy Bought His Girlfriend And Her Dog The Sweetest Gifts Ever And People Are Obsessed

Matching BFFs.

This is Cassandra and Nicholas, a couple that has been dating for the past eight months. Nicholas told BuzzFeed News that they have known each other for six years, and also dated in high school for about a year and a half.

However, Nicholas is not the only man in Cassandra's life. She is also completely in love with her dog Lucky, who she has had for 15 years.

"She loves two things more than me," Nicholas said of Cassandra. "Sleeping and her dog."

So this year for Christmas, Nicholas brainstormed ways to combine Cassandra's two favorite things. He came up with an AMAZING idea.

He bought Cassandra a blanket with Lucky's face on it, and bought Lucky a MATCHING one with Cassandra's face.

A few days ago, Nicholas decided to post the gift on Reddit. His photo soon spread to Twitter, and people were obsessed.

My girlfriend loves her dog so I got her a blanket of her dog and her dog a blanket of her.

Everyone now wants their own BFF blanket with their pet.

@jwells9001 @DailyCuteDoggo I would want nothing else but I can't pick my favorite picture of her

And a LOT of people are dropping hints.

@Mdennis73 @DailyCuteDoggo just a thought for my bday 😂😉

@DailyCuteDoggo @katiesmiith_ need me a boyf this extra

Enjoy your blanket, Lucky!

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