People Are Freaking Out Because CBS Sports' Website Crashed For March Madness Brackets

"It'd be faster to carve my picks in stone."

It is the first day of March Madness, and CBS Sports was ready to accept brackets. People all over America logged on to fill them out before the 12:15 p.m. ET deadline.

Rolling up to the couch for March Madness like...

However, people started to lose it online because the website crashed as they tried to get their picks in.

Nice @CBSSports . I'll never use your stupid website again. Thank you @espn for working today!

Some said they tried for at least a half hour to get their picks in, to no avail.

@CBSSports you realize your website stopped working 30 min before brackets were due, right? #cbsfailed

Others said they had problems for two hours.

How does @CBSSports not predict huge traffic on the first day of #marchmadness ? Website been down for 2 hours

This screen of death haunted people around the nation.

@CBSSports really starting this on the right foot

And it really was stressing everyone out.

@CBSSports Trying to submit my bracket is an emotional rollercoaster I never want to feel again #getittogether #marchtechnologymadness

Worst. Thing. Ever.

#marchmadness #cbssports #cbsfail #ursiteisonlyrelevantafewdaysayrandustillfail

Some were unsure if their picks made it in, and it was killing them.

Still waiting to find out if my brackets went through @CBSSports before the site crashed

March Madness fans were furious, to say the least.

CBS Sports crashing 15 minutes before brackets lock like...

"It'd be faster to carve my picks in stone," one person fumed.

@CBSSports @CBS this is my last year using your slow ass website or app for #Bracketology. It'd be faster to carve my picks in stone.

They began to shout their anger at CBS Sports on Twitter.

@CBSSports Walking away from your problems like...

And of course, conveyed their frustration through GIFs.

@CBSSports rolling up to your site like

They couldn't stop trolling.

A rare look into @CBSSports server room

"You blew it."

@CBSSports you're the worst. Thanks.

Basically, this was everyone:

A CBS Sports Digital spokesperson said the errors were due to the popularity of the brackets this year.

"During the hour before the first tip, service was down due to overwhelming demand," they said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. "We certainly regret the outage but are pleased to say that service has since been restored.”

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