Madonna Wrote "Make America Great Again" On A Photo Of Her Kids And Everyone's Like Wut

"She knows exactly what she is doing...every move...every picture released."

On Sunday, Madonna put up this lovely photo of her twin daughters, Stelle and Estere. Great content!

Make America Great Again!!!!! 😍😍♥️🇺🇸

People, however, were a little taken aback at the singer's caption: "Make America Great Again!!!!! 😍😍♥️🇺🇸"

They were like...what now?

And were not about it.


It was upsetting!

@Madonna Haven’t you learned from Shania Twain 😤 cease and desist

Although some thought a master plan was at work.

@Madonna Madonna is pure genius.... She knows exactly what she is doing...every move...every picture released.. PLEASE release the new music... it’s killing me to wait.

If you are wondering, Madonna, who made headlines for her bombastic speech at the 2016 Women's March, is not suddenly a Trump supporter.

In the photo caption on Instagram, Madonna clarified she was using Trump's catchphrase ~ironically~.

She wrote:

Lets Make America Great Again!!!!! 😍😍♥️🇺🇸 Love all people. Embrace all people, Remember that This country was built by immigrants and most of all look up the word #ironic #sailboatvibes #rebelhearts 🌎🌍🌏 #lovemakestheworldgoround

There you have it! Here's a cute video of the twins dancing.

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