Starbucks Baristas Totally Hate The Unicorn Frappuccino And Are Losing It Online

"It's literally a poison-infused abomination."

ICYMI (but you definitely didn't because this is inescapable and no one is safe) Starbucks just released the Unicorn Frappuccino.

The new drink resulted in unicorn MANIA. Instagram feeds were soon flooded with people trying the drink.

Starbucks baristas also posted about the craziness, with some showing just how many Fraps they had to make.

And some of them could NOT handle it. In one viral rant, a self-proclaimed barista named Braden totally freaked out about how much it sucks to make it.

#unicornfrappuccino @Starbucks So this happened at work today 🦄


"PLEASE DON'T GET IT," he yelled. He has since deleted the video.

A lot of Starbucks workers said they could relate, dubbing Wednesday the worst day ever to be a barista.

@iambburson @Starbucks I relate to this so well 😂😂 today has been one hell of a day for us baristas

They couldn't handle the constant onslaught of unicorn requests.

@iambburson @Starbucks This connects with me spiritually as a barista today.

One barista even posted a photo of his hand (stained with unicorn blood) after the day from hell.


Some openly encouraged people not to order it, saying it doesn't even taste good. "It's literally a poison-infused abomination."

And others just had no patience for the situation.

"Hi what can I -" UNICORN DRINK. #BaristaProblems

"Mood," this barista wrote.

Customers also reported that baristas are at their wits' end with the unicorn craze.

Asked a Starbucks barista about #unicornfrappuccino: "It's white mocha+mango+sour sugar powder. It's the worst thing that has ever happened"

One even said he had a perfect place for the Frap...the trash.

*walks into starbucks* Barista *don't order the unicorn 🦄 frappe* me *okay?* Barista *pulls out trash can* #unicornfrappuccino 🤢

And others are openly warning their customers that they aren't huge fans of the Frap's flavor.

I knew I was getting into some risky shit when I ordered the #UnicornFrappuccino and the barista told me not to.....

In short, these things are made from barista tears.

"I saw the terror on my co-workers' faces," one barista said.

Godspeed least you get a break before PSL season.

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