These College Roommates Just Realized Their Moms Are Long-Lost BFFs And Now They're Reuniting

"I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more."

This is Roaya Jannatipour, a sophomore attending the University of California, Berkeley. Her dad is from Iran, and her mom is from Morocco. She was born in Canada, where her parents studied.

Roaya and Nissma met up and hit it off right away. They realized they had tons in common. Both were Moroccan and born in Canada. They quickly became close friends.

The two became so close that this year they decided to room together. This past weekend, when Nissma's dad was helping her move in, the friends decided to introduce him to Roaya's mom via FaceTime. Then, things got crazy.

After speaking to Roaya's mom, Nissma's dad asked Roaya what her mom's name was. When she told him, he said, "I knew it!"

"At that point I was very confused," Roaya said.

The roomies then realized a shocking coincidence: Their moms were long-lost friends, and they had known each other as babies. Here they are together, chilling in Canada!

Their moms had been super close. Roaya's mom had not only been present at Nissma's sister's birth, but had NAMED her.

That's because when the families moved to the US, they sadly lost touch. "My mom has actually been trying to find her mom on Facebook," Roaya said.

The friends said their moms are so happy to be reconnected.


Roaya Jannatipour's and Nissma Bencheikh's last names were misspelled in a previous version of this post.

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