Girls Are Going Nuts Over Lilly Pulitzer's New Collab With Starbucks

"I think I just leveled up in basicness."

Stop the presses. Starbucks and Lilly Pulitzer have just released a new collaboration and girls around America are collectively losing their minds.

Head to a Starbucks near you to purchase an exclusive Lilly Pulitzer x @Starbucks @swellbottle. Available in select…

The limited edition S'well bottles come in four designs: Palm Beach Jungle, Siren’s Calling, Resort Escape Floral, and Fresh Squeezed. They were released Wednesday.

The bottles are being sold in 4,000 select stores.

“Wrapping Lilly Pulitzer prints on our bottles instantly transported us to summer days and had us itching to head to the beach with a bottle full of Starbucks® Cold Brew,” Sarah Kauss, S'well founder and CEO, said in a press release. “They are the perfect accessory for warm, sunny days or for daydreaming about them in the middle of winter.”

Safe to say, Lilly and Starbucks fans are going nuts.

I need the Lilly Pulitzer Starbucks bottle. I don't just want it, it's a need.

Fans are "honestly dying" over two of their faves coming together to create such a cute product.

"I think half of my sorority is losing their minds," one girl wrote.

Lilly Pulitzer and Starbucks are teaming up to create Lilly s'well bottles and I think half of my sorority is losing their minds

Fans raced to their local Starbucks, and some of the lucky ones scored a bottle for themselves.

Yay I was able to get a Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottle from @Starbucks 🌷💁🏼

And of course, were quick to share their swag online.


"Sorry not sorry!"

"I think I just leveled up in basicness."

Some wrote that they had to search multiple Starbucks locations until they finally got their hands on one (or more).

In fact, some couldn't decide which ones they wanted, so just splurged on all four.

I couldn't decide which lilly pulitzer x swell x starbucks bottle I wanted 🙈

However, some fans weren't so lucky.

Whe Starbucks tells you they have the Lilly Pulitzer/Swell bottles last night and this morning they say they didn't get them...what? 🙃


I just want one of those Lilly Pulitzer Swell water bottles but I can't find them at any Starbucks 😪

This is unfair.

I went to three Starbucks looking for the Lilly Pulitzer water bottle and all of them sold out at 5 this morning

Some had flashbacks to the Lilly For Target Incident of 2015.

And of course, some are taking advantage of the hysteria to turn around and resell the bottles.

If you bought Starbucks Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottles this morning just to resell them on eBay, you're tacky and I hate you

If you can't find one though, don't fret. Starbucks will also start selling the bottles online in the coming weeks, while supplies last of course.

The people who are buying up all the Lilly+Starbucks+Swell bottles and turning around selling them on eBay for $100…

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