Girls Are Going Nuts Because Target's Lilly Pulitzer Line Sold Out In Minutes

"This is the biggest disappointment of my life so far."

On Sunday, Target began selling its limited-time Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection in stores and online.

Needless to say, it was total madness.

The things Southern girls do for @LillyPulitzer #LillyforTarget 🎀

Like, actually insane.

Line for Lilly grows #wkow #LillyforTarget

Multiple people on social media reported that the entire line was selling out within 10 minutes of stores opening.

This user said the racks were bare within two minutes.

Video from one Target shows it was a complete mad house.

The Lilly fanatics also crashed Target's website, though it came back up a few hours later.

Due to the overwhelming excitement for the #LillyforTarget collection we are making adjustments to our website. Stay tuned for updates.

Some lucky ladies scored a ton of items...

And basked in their glory online.

Sorry, suckers.

Haters gonna hate.

Others weren't so lucky.

And they were pissed.

"This is the biggest disappointment of my life so far" -my sister on Lilly being sold out




Those bitches.

It was like the Hunger Games!

@sarahhyellin it was the Lilly hunger games. All was gone from the stores all over the US this morning. The BWINE target sold out @8:04

There was also much drama because people began selling the Target line on eBay for much higher prices than in the store.

This is infuriating.The point of Lilly @Target was so it could be affordable.Not for rude people to make profits.


PSA:all the Lilly for target is gone in the Plattsburgh store because some psychos bought it all to sell it on that's how I'm doing

People are the worst.

There is a special place in hell for you if you bought lilly today to sell in eBay

Just terrible.

The kinds of people who snatch all the Lilly for Target items just to sell them on eBay are THE ABSOLUTE WORST KIND OF PEOPLE.

It didn't matter to some people though, who said they didn't even want that "fake" Lilly ANYWAY.

@madi_hucks @Hannah_McC21 it's okay I don't want their fake Lilly like buying 10 of everything to sell on eBay, who does that?!?

Imitation Lilly is for chumps.

my mom was like "everyone will be wearing the fake target Lilly and you'll continue to wear the real original Lilly" so that's a good point

Stay strong, ladies.

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