Kylie Jenner And Her $900 Million Makeup Empire Are On The Cover Of Forbes This Month And People Are Shook

The 20-year-old makeup mogul is on the cover of Forbes magazine this month, which claims that she has amassed $900 million in three years from Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner is about to be the youngest self-made billionaire in history, as she is currently worth $900 million, according to a Forbes cover story.

How Kylie Jenner leveraged her massive social media following to build a $900M cosmetics fortune: #SelfMadeWomen

Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics, which she launched just three years ago, has amassed $630 million in sales. Jenner owns 100% of the company, according to the magazine.

How 20-year-old Kylie Jenner built a $900 million fortune in less than 3 years: #SelfMadeWomen

The magazine said the 20-year-old's net worth will likely pass $1 billion within the next year, which would make her the youngest self-made billionaire, male or female, ever.

Jenner turns 21 on Aug. 10, so she will likely hit this milestone at age 21. Previously, Mark Zuckerberg held this record by becoming a billionaire at age 23.

Jenner's fortune far surpasses even that of her older sister's, Kim Kardashian West, who is worth a mere $350 million.

The article also details how Jenner has been able to own her company completely.

She outsources her production to an Oxnard, California-based manufacturer and sells it all through the online platform Shopify. Her company only has seven full- and five part-time employees.

The article also says that Jenner, in part, built her company by leveraging her huge social media platforms, which has been the key to its rapid growth.

"Social media is an amazing platform," Jenner told the magazine. "I have such easy access to my fans and my customers."

People online are, frankly, shook and impressed.


$900 million under HER name. Can we let go of the Kylie Jenner AINT got no talent narrative? Clearly, making money moves is it @Forbes

They said she was #BigGoals.

kylie jenner’s network is fckin GOALS sis is under 21 & on her way to being a billionaire #BigGoals

"Kylie Jenner literally cracked the code and illustrated the blue print."

Kylie Jenner literally cracked the code and illustrated the blue print. She’s 20 years old and worth $900M!!!!!! She owns 100% of Kylie Cosmetics!

And it had others, frankly, wondering what they have been doing in life.

21 year old Kylie worth $900m. I'm 21 presently I just thank God for life

Don't worry guys, we still got time!

Kylie Jenner age 21 with $900 million!! Trevin McClora age 27 over here hoping my manager let me off next week! At this point he might have to square up if he says no.

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