People Are Obsessed With This Rescued Kitten Who Got A Sock Sweater

I can't take this!

People on the internet have fallen in love with a kitten that, after being saved from Hurricane Matthew, got a little sock sweater to keep warm.

The adorable photos of the kitty were taken by a Twitter user named Sarah at a Petsmart in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sarah told BuzzFeed News that she was at the store on Saturday after the storm when she heard about the kitten.

She said she decided at look at the cats for adoption, and saw a dad and his two kids also taking a look.

A vet assistant then approached the family and asked if they wanted to look at a kitten, which had been saved from the hurricane.

Of course the children immediately fell "in love" with the cat, Sarah said. She added the sweater, which was made from the top of a tube sock, was made by the person who rescued the kitty.

The family ended up adopting the kitty! Sarah was so touched by the story (and the kitty sweater) she decided to share it on Twitter. It has since been retweeted 70,000 times.


People were so happy the kitty got adopted!

@crysomemore probably most retweeted kitten story wish there were 100 s of this everyday. So many that need homes. Thank you 🙏🏻

They said it was exactly the nice story they needed.

@okaydante @mariachimars they have them in the little dollar shop area at Target 👀

"That's the cutest damn thing in the world," one person said.

@crysomemore @PwnParrot That's the cutest damn thing in the world.

In her tweet, Sarah misspoke and said she was at a Petco instead of a Petsmart. Even so, Petco's official account showed some love for the lil' kitty.

@crysomemore Thanks for sharing this with us Sarah, we love sweater weather, especially when saving cute kittens is involved!

Sarah is now using her new ~fame~ to encourage other people to adopt kitties just like this one.

If you want the kitten I tweeted, check out your local shelter! lots of pets need your love right now! 😍

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