People Are Either In Love With Or Totally Freaked Out By This Kitty With "Hands"


On Thursday, a Twitter user named Emma shared a set of images that has left many people shook.




People were immediately divided into two camps. Some totally and completely loved the photos.

@heymichellelee @apricotbelly im seriously crying this made my day omg thank u

They couldn't get enough!

@eleanorbrennanx @apricotbelly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ omg I love it

"This is everything."

@Danielle_412 @apricotbelly yup this is everything

"The best thing ever."

@SabbyxS2 @apricotbelly the best thing ever

Others were just like, NOOOOPE.

@808Coug @apricotbelly @shoogoo715 @coloco21 i do NOT like this. nope nope nope.

"No I really don't like this I am very uncomfortable."

@apricotbelly @kriemhildsrache no i really don't like this i am very uncomfortable

"This is honestly so creepy."

@atotzke20 @apricotbelly @FarahAbutayeh this is honestly so creepy...

Emma told BuzzFeed News she found the photos on Tumblr, and for the record, she thinks they are "cute."

"I love kitties. Everyone else thinks they're creepy though," she said.

Her tweet has been retweeted more than 100,000 times in one day.

Its unclear where the photos originally came from, but they have been posted before on Twitter and Tumblr. There's even one ~extra~ photo floating around.