People Are Screaming Over The Name Of Kim And Kanye's New Daughter

Welcome to the world!

Kim Kardashian West announced on Twitter on Friday that her new baby daughter is named Chicago West.

The star's third child with husband Kanye West was born Jan. 15 via gestational surrogate. The couple announced their daughter's birth on Tuesday.

Kim later tweeted the baby's nickname is "Chi."

Of course, people had to tweet their own opinions on the name. Some people were not into it.

Like, at all.

If Kim and Kanye deadass named their daughter Chicago West I'm screaming.

Lots of screaming was happening.

Kim and Kanye named their third child "Chicago West" omg.

And some people were just like, wow, iconic.

Chicago is quite possibly the only name that can make Saint and North seem as basic as Jon and Jane.

Chicago the city is shook.

I can’t believe the city of Chicago was named after Kim and Kanye’s newborn baby.

A lot of people loved it!

Chicago West might be the Blackest thing Kanye has done in about 5 years or so. 🗣And they will call her Chi PRONO…

Including Busy Philipps!

Kind of obsessed with the name Chicago, tbh. BABY CHI!

This joke was made a lot!

Chicago West is my new favorite NBC drama.

Oh internet, you jokesters.

It would be funny if Chicago West and North West both grow up to have terrible senses of direction

Congrats, West family!


Busy Philipps' name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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