This Little Boy Got So Nervous To Meet The Queen That He Peaced TF Out

Me in any social situation.

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth visited Coram, one of the oldest children's charities in the UK.

The queen went to the foundation to open a new center that is named after her, the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, the Telegraph reported.

As part of the festivities, the queen had meet-and-greets with commoners. One of the families that took part was British singer David Grant; his wife, TV presenter Carrie Grant: and their 9-year-old son Nathan.

The Grants are big donors to the charity, and have four children with special needs, according to Hello Magazine.

As the queen approached, Nathan stood looking adorably handsome in his suit and tie.

But then...the pressure got to be TOO MUCH.

Overwhelmed boy crawls away from meeting the Queen at charity centre opening

As he crawled away, Nathan said, "Bye!"

Me when I have to make small talk.

The queen seemed to understand, though.

Honestly, a lot of people got it.

Loooool — me when things get too much.

Nathan's parents had a pretty good sense of humor about it, too.

There's always one. Why is it always mine? ⁦@DavidGrantSays⁩ ⁦@RoyalFamily⁩ #corum

You'll meet her next time, Nathan!

The day Nathan met The Queen!!!

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