People Are Totally Trolling This New Spin Bike For Kids

"Put your kids on a real bike."

Fisher-Price has been making some waves online after introducing a new, high-tech stationary exercise bike for children.

.@FisherPrice is launching a high-tech exercise bike for toddlers via @ParijaKavilanz…

The $150 "Think & Learn Smart Cycle," introduced at CES on Wednesday, is meant to keep toddlers moving as they learn new skills, Digital Trends reported.

The bike comes with four learning apps, focusing on literacy, STEM, social science, and science.

As the child rides the bike, they can engage with the apps on a tablet or TV and control the pace of their learning.

“Inspired by the insight that preschoolers learn best and retain more when they’re active and having a good time, we’ve reimagined the Think & Learn Smart Cycle for a new generation of children,” Nitya Madhavan, vice president of marketing for Fisher-Price, said in a statement to Digital Trends. “We hope today’s families will be excited for this platform that channels preschoolers’ energy and their fascination with technology to make learning fun!”

Some people were super into the idea of spinning kids.

How neat! Future technology.

Many said it was a great alternative to kids vegging out in front of the television.

@FisherPrice using #technology to get our kids active even when indoors. #screentime on a bike is better than scre…

They said it could be a safe way for kids without a backyard to regularly exercise.

@Srh143 @CNN I think it's great. Not every family has a backyard.

"Love it!! Combining cycling with learning!" said one.

Love it!! Combining cycling with learning! 😄🚲📚 via @cyclingweekly

But others were like, WTF?

I'm not sure if this is genius or awful

They asked what was wrong with a normal bike.

They have the real life version of this. IT'S CALLED A BICYCLE.

Or playing outside?

@CNN what happened to running in the backyard

Others pointed out kids can learn the value of bougie exercise classes at a young age.

Soulcycle Junior - make sure your kid is ALWAYS in the front row!

And some made Black Mirror references.

Fisher Price exec: WE NEED NEW IDEAS Designer 1: Robot kitchen! Desiigner: Beat machine Designer 3, who just saw B…

BuzzFeed News has contacted Fisher-Price for comment.

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