Some Fans Are Horrified By Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Tribute To Prince

But it seems Prince's family approved of the performance.

After a weekend of rumors and speculation, it turns out Justin Timberlake did incorporate Prince into his Super Bowl halftime performance in the star's hometown of Minneapolis.

No hologram, but #JustinTimberlake still found a way to honor Prince. #SuperBowl

Instead of a hologram of Prince, as was rumored, Timberlake showed a projection of the late artist while he covered his hit "I Would Die 4 U."

The camera then zoomed out, showing the entire city paying tribute to its beloved hometown superstar.

Here's one more look, in video, at #Minneapolis paying #Prince tribute as Justin TImberlake gave outstanding halfti…

Some people and fellow artists were into it.

They called the Prince tribute "amazing."

Great halftime show! He sung live, he entertained, gave an amazing tribute to Prince, AND took a selfie with a kid!…

Prince's family, who had been vocal about opposing the use of a hologram of the artist during Timberlake's show, also seemed to approve of the cover and projection. In response to a person calling the performance a "beautiful tribute," the family tweeted "👍🏼."


But a LOT of fans were NOT into it at all. They pointed out Prince had said he didn't want to perform after death via technology like a hologram.

Here’s the 1998 interview in which Prince said the prospect of digital duets with dead artists was “the most demoni…

Some also pointed out that Timberlake and Prince didn't get along, and asked why Timberlake would do such a thing after Prince's death.

Yo... Prince didn't like JT... JT didn't like Prince... It's well documented... why would you put his sprit through that.

They were not pleased.

That was bad. "What's the best way to honour Prince?" "Play his songs while I dance"

And called it "disgusting."

To honor #Prince would be to respect his wishes, not to capitalize off of him for your own name. #JustinTimberlake is disgusting.

They also made fun of it.

When I saw prince on that bed sheet

And wondered what Prince would think of it.

Others made jokes.

The only way this could turn out ok if if Prince’s mummified hand shoots down from space and chokes out JT on the 35 yard line

Not bad.

I would’ve brought out Chris Kirkpatrick dressed as Prince, personally


At the Puppy Bowl they sang with a hologram of Air Bud :(

Anyway, here's Prince's iconic Super Bowl performance from 2007.

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