People Are Losing It After Jeb Bush Tweeted Out His Personalized Gun


On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweeted out a picture of a gun with his name etched on it. He captioned the photo "America."

The former Florida governor posted the photo after conducting a business tour and town hall at FN Manufacturing, a firearms plant in South Carolina.

People on Twitter had a field day with the photo.

can’t stop laughing at how much of a savage jeb has to be to etch his name on a gun and then tweet its photo to 469k followers plus his mom

Some people were super angry, pointing out that guns like Bush's have assassinated presidents.

Apparently Jeb! doesn't remember that those things have been known to kill a President. Jumped the shark all FUBAR-like today @JebBush

But many people had jokes.

Jeb outchere like "pull up if u want donald"

"Why I just picture Jeb robbing people for their votes at gun point?"

Why I just picture Jeb robbing people for their votes at gun point?

Some made fun of Jeb's asking an audience to "please clap."

And some mocked him with Vines.

Other people pointed out that having your name on your gun may not be the best idea.

Officer: Governor is this your gun found at the scene outside Little Caesars? Jeb!: You can't prove a thing copper.

And some people accused him of a publicity stunt.

Jeb is literally dying for attention at this point. Clearly a stunt get attention from the media. Next up: sex tape?

The tweet also sparked a whole new meme, as people started tweeting out photos they thought better represented "America."

And while some people were more serious...

Others continued to make jokes.

The Brits got involved too.

Because surely nothing's more British than a lovely cup of tea.

But jokes mainly came from Americans.

America AF.

i dont know why we're doing this but America

True patriotism.

Is this the America he meant?

BTW, the gun plant in South Carolina is a part of a U.S. subsidiary of a Belgian arms company, so some people pointed out that the gun wasn't that "American" after all.

Bush's gun appears to be an FN Five-seven, manufactured by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes. A Belgian company.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Bush campaign for comment.