This Couple's Pics Have Shaken Twitter To Its Core Because Of One Hilarious Detail

Why is she doing a photo shoot by herself?

Julissa and Austin are a couple from South Texas. Julissa is a student studying to be an aesthetician and her partner is currently serving in the Army.

Last Friday, the couple headed out to an open field with some beautiful trees to shoot some couple's photos.

The photos, shot by Norma Acosta Photography, turned out very nice. Julissa was pleased with them and showed the group of them to her mom when she got them back.

But as her mom looked at one of the photos, she genuinely believed Julissa was sitting by herself.

Austin's camouflage is way too effective, right? It's almost like Julissa is just sitting on a bench by herself!

Julissa decided to share the photos on Twitter, and, well...

People literally couldn't spot Austin.

I swear I did not see him in the first pic 😩

"Bruh I deadass didn't see him in the first pic lmfaoooo."

Bruh I deadass didn't see him in the first pic lmfaoooo

People couldn't stop laughing at the very, very effective camo.

@DimesJon Deadass thought she was leaning on a tree 🤣🤣🤣

Some people were shook.

@DimesJon @_SouledOut So camo does work

Minds were blown.

@DimesJon @_briannadelrey Me after I read the caption & went back to go check.

That's not a log!

@StayTruDrew @DimesJon I thought she was on a log or someshit and then I read the caption and looked back at the pi…

How is she floating like that?

@DimesJon @Porcelain_Cos Who? There's just a girl floating what do you mean

Of course, people made camo jokes.

@DimesJon Idk who you talking about but its cool that she figured out how to get a tree to pick her up

Or just good jokes.

@DimesJon I could almost say he was... camouflaged

So congrats on the effective camo, US military! You're doing amazing, sweeties!

@DimesJon letting the military know they're doing a good job

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