Some Fun Drama To Follow Today Is This Feud Between Two Instagram "Dick Runners"

“I think we should have a dick run-off — a dickathlon.”

This is Claire Wyckoff, a comedian and writer in Los Angeles. In her free time, Wyckoff likes to run.

Actually, Wyckoff doesn't just run. She dick runs. I'd explain it, but it's kind of self-explanatory.

OK, if you're curious (I was), Wyckoff goes out for jogs, and creates a route that looks like a penis on her Nike running app.

She told BuzzFeed News it is actually quite complicated to get the perfect phallic shape.

She first looks at a map before heading out for her jogs, saying she starts by trying to find a set of balls.

Once she looks at a map, "dicks kind of pop out everywhere," she said.

“I'm using the Nike+ app for the opposite of what it is intended for," she said.

Since posting her first dick run in June of 2014 on her Instagram, Wyckoff has posted many other versions.

And they have gotten more complex.

This one was for the ladies.

Wyckoff said mapping these runs kept her entertained while exercising.

“It sure beats listening to a podcast or a playlist," she said.

She even went viral for it. Back in 2014, Wyckoff's drawings were featured in Refinery29 and HuffPost, among others.

However, this week, Wyckoff has become embroiled in a cockfight with another "dick runner," who is also named Claire.

This Claire goes by "dick_run_claire" on Instagram. She has amassed over 40,000 Instagram followers by posting her phallic run routes since 2017.

And recently, this Claire went viral.

After being profiled in an article by Vice, Claire was featured in other online publications as a dick-running star.

She told Vice she ran her first dick in 2015 on accident, and kept it going for fun.

“I love looking for dick run routes,” she told Vice. “I feel like I should be on My Strange Addiction now that I’ve heard how that sounds… But honestly, I just love running: it’s my favorite way to get a workout in — and drawing a giant dick across a town is really just a bonus.”

These interviews did NOT sit well with Wyckoff, who told BuzzFeed News she felt the other Claire was stealing her idea.

.@ladbible @jakesmassey You wrote an article about "Dick Run Claire". I'm Dick Run Claire. Fake DRC follows me (proof attached), and is taking my ideas. You guys are promoting plagarism. How about an article, instead, on the Dickrun Claire Wars?

Wyckoff said the other Claire follows her and has commented to her in the past.

“She did a hand job run, and I was like, bitch, you stole my hand job!" Wyckoff said.

Wyckoff said she thinks it is even more confusing because they have the same name.

She insisted the issue is serious to her, because she works in a creative field.

“It feels like somebody is stealing my idea," she said.

Now, Wyckoff has been posting to her Instagram story to reclaim her title as the Original Claire Dick Runner.

However, the other Claire told Refinery29 she didn't follow Wyckoff, and thinks it's all a big coincidence.

"There's tons of other dick runners on the 'gram on that page, with dick runs all over the US (and obviously internationally as well), and probably under different hashtags too that we're not even seeing," she told the outlet. "But at the end of the day, I think there's enough roads out there for all of us to dick run to our heart's content."

(This other Claire didn't immediately return a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.)

As for Wyckoff, she has an idea for a solution.

“I think we should have a dick run-off — a dickathlon," she said.

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