People Have A Lot Of Feelings About This Promposal Featuring Louboutins

"I just want to know how y'all in high school affording red bottoms while I'm over here eating sleep for dinner."

This is Caitlan, a high school senior from Houston.

Caitlan is going to prom with her friend Louis, a junior at the same school. Louis went all out to ask Caitlan to the dance, and crafted the perfect promposal.

Louis made a sign that read "If the shoe fits, makeup your mind." He bought Caitlan makeup from Sephora and Christian Louboutin heels β€” yes, the teens say, they are real.

It's unclear exactly which shoes Louis bought, but similar-looking heels retail for $675.

Louis told BuzzFeed News he got the idea because Caitlan loves makeup, and he decided to surprise her with the pumps.

Caitlan added that Louis told her he bought the shoes, but she didn't think he was for real.

"I literally screamed..." she said.

Caitlan said she knew she had to share her promposal on Twitter. "I thought it was so cute and creative I had to post it," she said. It soon went viral, because obviously.

Y'all the shoe fit 😭 #prom2k17

A lot of people thought it was the #1 promposal of all time.

@caitlannnn_ This promposal was really nice, look how happy he is to be asking you

They couldn't handle it.

@caitlannnn_ this man got her red bottoms i'm crying omg keep him

"Betta marry this man one day," one person said.

@caitlannnn_ Betta marry this man one day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

And others were just blown away by the entire experience. This one response went particularly viral.

I just want to know how y'all in high school affording red bottoms while I'm over here eating sleep for dinner.

People lost it even more because it seems like Louis is wearing Gucci shoes as well.

@caitlannnn_ @lidia_beqiraj Mans got those gucci sliders tho

And a lot of people just thought the whole thing was too much.

Tf kinda jobs do y'all parents have? Adopt me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @caitlannnn_

Although some said they thought FAFSA would have opinions on the whole thing.

@caitlannnn_ FAFSA watching like

The teens are surprised by the reaction to their promposal, but are rolling with it.

"People are kind of mean but most of them are really money to me," Caitlan said.

Louis added: "It's shocking for it to go viral β€” I wasn't expecting that."



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