This 22-Year-Old Got Out Of An Awkward Convo With A Dude By Texting Him Trump Debate Quotes

"Yes I am talking to other men and I'm very embarrassed by it but it is one of those things. I will knock the hell out of ISIS."

Like many people, 22-year-old Cassandra from Toronto watched Sunday's presidential debate.

She told BuzzFeed News that she couldn't believe how many times Donald Trump changed the subject when asked questions he didn't want to answer.

"[I] was enraged at how Trump deflected from questions about his remarks in those tapes last week," she said, referring to the now-infamous Billy Bush tapes.

Later, she got a text message from a guy she said she has been casually seeing asking her "how many other guys" she was talking to. She decided to try out Trump's deflection tactics for herself.

Safe to was low-key brilliant.

"We never said we were exclusive," she said, before launching into Trump's rant about ISIS.

"Yes I am talking to other men and I'm very embarrassed by it but it is one of those things. I will knock the hell out of ISIS," she concluded.

Cassandra said she decided to send the text because she was really "extremely caught off guard" by the question.

boy: for real though, what- me: i mean i have a great plan to do it, a tremendous plan really. i told my son, great guy he is, i told him th

"It's almost verbatim how Trump answered when Anderson Cooper asked if he understood that he was bragging about sexual assault," she said. "It was just a ridiculous response that I thought he would find funny while also understanding I did not want to talk about other men I'm seeing."

She added that she thinks Trump is a "monster" who definitely should have answered the questions, but "using such an extreme diversion in your dating life is funny."

She shared the text message on Twitter, where people thought she was a genius.

@cassbwell fuck this is one of the funniest things on Twitter

@cassbwell @mean_63 our relationship will be so good, there will be so much competition you won't even believe

Cassandra said she hasn't tried out the ISIS thing again, because it only made sense "in that context."

"I kept it up for a few more texts when he kept saying 'seriously?' and I was replying things like 'I have a tremendous plan to do it' and 'I will defeat ISIS' but eventually he stopped replying," she said.

She added she thinks it's "pretty amusing" that everyone was so into her idea.

is the isis diversion the biggest clapback of 2016

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