A 25-Year-Old And Her Mom Look Like Identical Twins In These Photos

She got it from her mama.

A 25-year-old has a lot of people on the internet doing a double take after she posted a photo of herself with a photo of her mom at the same age, and they look identical.

Shaylyn Gibson is from Massachusetts but is currently living in Italy, she told BuzzFeed News.

Gibson said her sister had sent her a few old photos last week, but when she opened one of them she noticed something hilarious.

"When my sister sent me that photo I had a good laugh because at the time I wearing the exact same thing, so I took a photo from the same angle and thought the result was pretty good," she said.

She decided people on Reddit may get a kick out of how similar they looked, so she posted it before she went to bed. It has since been viewed more than 4 million times.

"I posted it to Reddit because I thought it was interesting, sweet, and a little nostalgic...the kind of nostalgic you feel when looking at old photos of your parents," Gibson said of the photo. "I never imagined it would go viral."

Some people couldn't believe the family's genes were that strong.

"At least future husband knows what he's in for in 30 years," wrote this wise guy.

Other people had some jokes about their matching glasses.

And some people were just creepy.

Gibson said that she doesn't think she is normally identical with her mom, but it was more the photo angle and the outfit that made them look so alike.

"You can definitely tell we're related, but by no means identical," she said.

She added that the comments have ranged from flattering to creepy, but she has loved the people who told her she got her nose from her dad.

"I love my nose for exactly that reason," she said.

She added: "My favorite comment was from Reddit user gogolata12 who said 'your mom looks like she loves the person that took this picture,'" she said. "It was my dad."

Gibson said that the fact the photo has gone so viral has been really bizarre, saying she never expected to get so many comments on it.

"I never imagined it would explode the way it did, it's almost scary, but I'm not worried," she said. "I'm sure it'll die down in a few days."

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