Parents Have Officially Found Their Kids On Venmo And No One Is Safe

"He just requested $50 for '2001 tee ball registration fee.'"

Attention, everyone. An epidemic is sweeping across the nation. Parents are discovering Venmo, and the trolling and scolding is growing wildly out of hand.

my dad told me to make a venmo just for this 😂

Unsuspecting kids are being caught by parents making some ~scandalous~ transactions, and it's not that pretty.

My mom discovered venmo for my bills..... but, she also has been made aware of every illegal transaction I've had in the past year.

What, mom, its just a purchase of an artisan butt plug!

my mom just checked my venmo transaction history and didn't approve of my purchase of "artisan butt plugs"

Stop buying drugs with Venmo!

little does my dad know that all i use venmo for is food:/

Some parents got the app, and were a little confused.

Dad doesn't like technology ... he meant venmo

Like poor Gina's mom, who thought she was just constantly begging for money using the app.

TFW ur mom gets venmo but she doesn't understand it AND you're her only friend

Gina told BuzzFeed News she is her mom's only Venmo friend, and she hasn't really gotten the hang of it yet.

"She keeps checking in to ask if I need money because she thinks I'm just on it borrowing money from friends," she said.

Other moms were sending money, but did NOT want to send the wrong impression.

My mom learning venmo and emojis and doesn't wanna give false impressions

But mostly, parents are using the app to troll, and it's honestly devastating. Like this dad, who "requested $50 for '2001 tee ball registration fee.'"

My dad was just introduced to Venmo and it's the worst thing ever. He just requested $50 for "2001 tee ball registration fee"

Or this one, who wants $4,000 for being "annoying."

letting my dad get a venmo was one of the worst decisions i've made

I guess it's time for kids to pay up?

This is just wrong.

Tell my dad to get venmo and this is what happens

Other moms are realizing they now have a foolproof way of getting all those "loans" back.

When your mom learns how to use venmo and you can no longer say I'll give you the money next weekend when I'm home.…

"Get a summer job, please!"

My mom politely dragging me on venmo of all places

Mom now knows where her funds are REALLY going.

when your mom finally gets venmo and is the best😂💘

And she is here and ready to drag.

When your mom roasts you via venmo -__-

It's really messed up, honestly.

Whoever showed my mom venmo: there's a special place in hell for you, thanks.

The victim in the above tweet, Brooke, told BuzzFeed News she was planning on giving her mom the cash for a plane ticket when she got the cash, but then THIS happened.

"Unexpectedly, I get this notification and realize I'm officially unsafe on Venmo," she said.

However, some moms are using their new powers for good.

I think my mom getting a Venmo was the best thing that could've happened for me lmao

This is just way too pure.

just taught my mom how to use venmo

Taylor, the kid behind this tweet, said her mom sent her this after she learned to use the app.

"Parents with technology are so wholesome," she told BuzzFeed News.

Hey teens, just think of it as a new way mom can take care of you! And no, this mom didn't mean that kind of stoned...

My mom getting venmo is the best thing to ever happen to me

This tweeter, Erin, said her mom was actually referring to KIDNEY stones.

"I had a kidney stone and my mom swore it was from eating junk too much, so she sent me money to get healthy food but I don't think she realized what it sounded like," she told BuzzFeed News.

Happy spending, parents!

well, my dad now has a venmo ...

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