This Dude Trolled A Whole College Class All Semester And He Doesn't Even Go To Their School

Well, that's one way to procrastinate.

Cheslee Morgan is a 20-year-old junior at Texas A&M University studying environmental geoscience. She just wrapped up a class called "US environmental regulations."

Cheslee Morgan

Morgan told BuzzFeed News the class was pretty big, and filled the whole lecture hall during tests. However, she didn't actually have to go to the lectures.

She was in the "online" section, which did all parts of the class remotely except for the tests. (Yes, this is apparently a thing now and I'm jealous too.)

Another thing that's ~happening~ on college campuses now is students create a GroupMe for each class to share notes, homework, and study advice.

Morgan said usually someone will start it, and you get an email to sign up.

The GroupMe for US environmental regulations — BESC 367 to the registrar — went along for the semester, with students sharing typical class materials with each other.

There was one student who seemed to REALLY love the chat. Morgan said throughout the semester, a kid named Tim Van Gorder kept writing random things in the GroupMe. These ranged from enthusiastic commentary on the class...

Cheslee Morgan

He also wrote some things that made Morgan and other students go, WTF? Like this "confession."

Cheslee Morgan

Um, OK?

Cheslee Morgan

Or how about this one, where he seemed really into figuring out who he "sat next to" in the class.

Cheslee Morgan

Morgan said she figured Van Gorder was just an "oversharer," saying she thought his questions about who he sat next to were bizarre.

"I remember thinking that comment was weird," she said.

He also just did some straight-up trolling.

Cheslee Morgan

As the class wrapped up last week, Van Gorder wrote one final weird comment: "Has anyone ever joined a random GroupMe for a random class in a completely different college?"

Cheslee Morgan

Yep, Van Gorder had been trolling them all semester. He isn't in the class, and doesn't even go to their college.

Cheslee Morgan

Morgan said Van Gorder apparently joined the GroupMe because another friend added him by mistake. He claimed to really attend James Madison University in Virginia.

It made Morgan laugh, so she shared it on Twitter. People gave props to Tim for his long-haul troll.

This dude who doesn’t even go to A&M joined my class’ GroupMe and has been here all semester talking about our prof…

People appreciated his commitment.

@chesweee Omg the fact that he goes to a college in Virginia is just priceless 😂

Her post got so big, it made its way back to someone who claims to be "Tim" himself.

After months of inactivity, I log on to Twitter to see I’m becoming famous. What a day

The account user didn't get back to us for comment.

And the school even chimed in.

@chesweee Howdy, Tim! If you want to join our #TAMU classes for real, here's some info for you:…

Tim: the hero BESC 367 didn't know it needed.

@dannyhousers He’s the new picture of our groupme. The hero we didn’t know we needed



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