Here Are Some Of The Victims Of The Kenya University Massacre

Friends, family, and others are sharing pictures of the people killed using the hashtag #147NotJustANumber to put a face to victims of the terror attack at Garissa University College.

People on Twitter are sharing photos of the nearly 150 people killed in a terror attack on a Kenyan college last week to put faces to the tragedy.

Using the hashtag #147NotJustANumber, they are sharing stories of some of those killed in the attack on Garissa University College.

At least 79 other people were also injured in the attack by militant group al-Shabaab, the Kenya National Disaster Operation Center said.

The militants are believed to have deliberately targeted Christians, prompting security officials to patrol a church in the city as crowds gathered on Easter Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

One of the four gunmen in the attack is believed to be the son of a Kenyan government official, Reuters reported Sunday.

Here are some of people who are being named as victims on Twitter:

Solomon Oludo, a soldier in the Kenyan Defense Forces.

Lived & died for country ... KDF Soldier Solomon Oludo. We honor your life & sacrifice. #147NotJustANumber

Doreen "Specialrose" Gakii

8) @Maskani254: Doreen 'Specialrose' Gakii #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Mary Muchiri Shee

"@TVandenbosch: Mary Muchiri Shee, Miss Garissa University #147notjustanumber We will name them one by one. "

Ruth Esiromo

R.I.P Ruth Esiromo she was killed by the terrorists according to her boyfriend. Indeed #147notjustanumber

Tonie Wangu

2) @Maskani254: Tonie Wangu #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Isaac Kosgey

3) @Maskani254: Isaac Kosgey aka. Pop Lord Bushen #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Lydia Melody Obondi

5) @Maskani254: Lydia Melody Obondi #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Erick Ondari Nyabuto

6) @Maskani254: Erick Ondari Nyabuto #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Dadly Mose

7) @Maskani254: Dadly Mose #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Elizabeth Nyangarora

4) @Maskani254: Elizabeth Nyangarora #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames ”

Jeff Macharia

Jeff Macharia #147notjustanumber #TheyHaveNames


"@Benogola: This is Tobias, he died in to us he's not a number, he's a son, bro, friend. #147notJustANumber "

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

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