People Are Sending So Much Love To This 8-Year-Old Who Went On A Run After Her Crush Called Her Fat

But she also brought a snack along because a girl's gotta eat.

This is 17-year-old Briseyda Ponce from Irving, Texas. She is currently living with her 8-year-old cousin, Allysson Baires.

Briseyda told BuzzFeed News she usually goes on a run every day. When she was getting ready to leave one day last week, Allysson asked if she could come with her.

Briseyda said sure — and while they were running, Allysson told her cousin why she wanted to exercise with her. Some kids at school had called her fat, including her crush, Hector.

"I [explained] to her how beauty isn't physical, and if she wants to work out or run it has to because she wants to be healthy, not because of others' opinions about her body," she said. "We [laughed] it off."

They kept going, but Allysson soon got tired from the exercise. She then did what we all wish we could do during exercise: whipped out a snack.

"I turn around to check on her and she's munching on a Rice Krispie [Treat]," Briseyda said. "I couldn't stop laughing."

This is the most relatable thing ever.

Briseyda said she thought the moment was so funny and cute, she decided to share it on Twitter. People soon fell in love with and related to Allysson.

The girls in her class & her crush Hector called her fat so she told me to take her on my run 😭 but mid run she pul…

A lot of people encouraged Allysson not to let bullies affect the way she feels about herself.

@briseydahh and please tell her, she's beautiful just the way she is. Hector's standard may just be blind or whatevu

"Tell her I said Hector isn't worth her time anyway and she's beautiful," one person said.

@briseydahh tell her I said Hector isn't worth her time anyway & she's beautiful

"She's such a cute girl, she doesn't have to suffer because of a boy told her so!" said another.

@briseydahh She's such a cute girl, she doesn't have to suffer because of a boy told her so!

And a lot of people were mad at Hector.


"Hector where you at."

"At Hector house like."

Basically, this.

@briseydahh that lil baby can keep eatin cause shes perfect

Briseyda said she didn't expect all the attention that her tweet got, but she's been grateful for all the support.

"It's been fun and everyone has been so kind to Allysson," she said.

She added that Allysson is a "smart girl" who is totally fine.

"She kind of brushed everything off and forgot about it," she said.

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