People Love This Dad's Clapback At His Teen For Being Upset Over A Boy

This is peak dad.

This is Daleynee, a high school junior who is the oldest of four children.

The teenager told BuzzFeed News that her dad is a goofy guy who is always trying to make her family laugh.

"We are always playing around," she said. "My mom gets mad at times because she thinks he can never be serious, but that's something I love about him. There's never a dull moment."

She added that her dad is young, so he always tries to be up on the trends.

"He tries so hard to be hip, that's probably the funniest thing about him," she said. "Also the worst because I can't get away with much since he's so updated on everything."

Recently, Daleynee was mad about a boy and discussing it with a friend. After she was on the phone for a while, she got a text from her dad.

Daleynee said that contrary to her dad's text, she "surprisingly" wasn't actually crying.

"I think he meant more of a stop whining because I was on the phone with one of my close friends for quite a while already," she said.

Daleynee thought the text was funny, so she shared it on Twitter. People thought her dad was amazing.

Some thought it was super cute of her dad as well.

@_Daleynee that's so cute. Dads are the best lol. cheer up Hun ur beautiful

"I'm definitely the dad," said one person.

@_MakRD @_Daleynee I'm definitely the dad 😝

Daleynee said she never expected to get so many responses.

"My friends keep telling me I'm famous but I just think it's funny," she said.

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