People Whose Birthday Is Election Day Are Pretty Pissed About The Whole Thing

"My birthday is going to ruin America."

A bunch of people had a pretty crappy realization at some point this year: the election is falling on their birthday.

I just found out election day is my birthday 🙁

And tbh, they just don't think that's fair at all.

Tomorrow is my birthday but it's also Election Day

Some people said it's totally taking the wind out of their sails.

Election day (And my birthday) tomorrow...yay!

While others are worried they'll barely get any play.

Will anyone care?

This totally blows.

I feel strong feelings about my birthday on Election Day...

Others said people have been giving them grief for awhile.

And a lot of them turned to sarcasm to cope.

"My birthday is going to ruin America."

Though some Nov. 8 babies had a more cheery take on the whole thing.

We should all be more like Sadie.

"I'm not going to let this election overshadow that it's my birthday tomorrow Nope!!"

We will pour one out for you, Nov. 8 babies.

H/t: Matt Graves.

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