This 18-Year-Old Let His Little Sister Practice Her Nail Skills On Him And Everyone Agrees He Looked Fierce

"I need a man who gonna let our future daughter do shit like this."

Sugar Siah is an 18-year-old who lives in Texas. His younger sister, London, is an aspiring beautician.

Last week, London, 14, asked Siah if she could practice her skills by applying some fake nails to him. He was happy to help.

Twitter: @sugarsiah

"[I] thought this would be a good way to bond after she asked if she could do them," he said.

Here he is getting his mani.

And here is the result. SLAY!

Oh heyyy.

Siah said he loves Twitter, so he decided to share photos of himself werking it. "Not gonna lie I feel like a bad bitch," he wrote.

lil sister wanna be a nail tech or sum shit like that and she asked if she could practice on me....not gon on lie I…

People loved his tweet, especially how confident he was.

@sugarsiah @lordmaizu Usually guys masculinity’s is so fragile.....THIS IS A MAN YALL

And how supportive of a brother he is.

@sugarsiah @ccookbr She does good work. You're awesome to support her, and cute like whoa.

They also appreciated London's ~skills~.

@sugarsiah @MADBLACKTHOT They look 🔥🔥🔥 she did so good

And Siah's ~flair~.

Helloooo everybody.

@sugarsiah @Baebyfat He funna pull up on his homies like:

Other dudes even shared their own videos of lil' sis makeovers.

@sugarsiah @ayeee_tisha My 11 yr old sister did the same for my toes, they match the yoga ball in the back there 🤷…

And some said it was goals. "I need a man who gonna let our future daughter do shit like this."

@sugarsiah i need a man who gonna let our future daughter do shit like this

Siah said they have enjoyed all the responses, and he shared more proof he slayed with those nails.

Every one who got the playlist is has just be updated! Go check it out for ear crack x2!!

Siah admitted to BuzzFeed News that it was rough getting the nails off. He said the first one took 10 minutes to remove, and he felt like he was "about to rip the soul out of my body."

"Then she explained I could use acetone, from then on it was smooth sailing," he said.