I Am Obsessed With This Adorable Dog With Mouse Ears

Goma is bae.

Happy Tuesday, friends! My timeline has been blessed with this adorable dog with mouse ears, and I just had to share.

This pup's name is Goma (Japanese for sesame) and she is 4. Is she not the cutest little mouse/dog you've ever seen?!

She can also pass for a bunny, if you're into that.

Goma's owners document her life in Tokyo on her Instagram page. She has more than 55,000 fans.

Her humans say she got her unique look from being a cross between a Maltese and papillon.

She is very intrigued by, but kind of scared of, cats.

And it's a recurring theme on her Insta.

I can't stopppp.


Goma is such a big deal now — she even has sponcon...

And merch...

And has appeared at a conference called Interpets.

She is now going viral in the US, where people are calling her a "Mickey Mouse dog."

We love you, Goma!

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