Gold's Gym Is Being Harassed On Twitter Over Photos Of The Charleston Shooting Suspect

And wants you to please stop tweeting them.

On Saturday, a racist online manifesto that appears to belong to the suspect in the Charleston church massacre was uncovered.

The website, called The Last Rhodesian, purports to detail the racist thoughts of 21-year-old Dylann Roof.

The website promotes the hatred of Latinos, blacks, and Jews, with the writer saying he has "no choice" but to react with violence.

The FBI is investigating the website's authenticity.

The website also features several photos of Roof doing things such as burning the American flag. In some of the photos, he is wearing a tank top from Gold's Gym.

Since the pictures have been released, people have been directing anger or sarcasm at Gold's Gym online.

One of the first people to notice the Twitter backlash was writer Joe Veix.

busy day for the gold's gym social media manager

Some people are saying/joking the gym has performed a marketing stunt...

While others are saying the gym is receiving "free advertising."

Others say they will cancel their Gold's Gym membership in protest.

Some users even believed Roof was a "spokesman" for the gym.

Some are accusing the gym of being somehow complicit in the tragedy.

A Gold's Gym staffer has been busy been responding to a ton of the complaints on Twitter.

But it's not really working.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Gold's Gym for comment.

H/t: Joe Veix.

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