This 11-Year-Old Wrote A 6-Page Report To Try And Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat And It's Honestly Iconic

"I just really want a cat because it would just change my life."

This is Rimsha, a college student from San Antonio, Texas, and her 11-year-old sister, Romesa. Both sisters have always wanted a cat to call their own, Rimsha told BuzzFeed News.

Recently, Romesa decided to take her pleas up a notch. She wrote her parents a six(!) page report on why they needed to get a cat. She wrote the whole essay in an hour.

Her essay lays out some great points, like cats can warn you about seizures, are good for kids, and there are many out there in shelters who could use a good home. Romesa even smartly incorporated religion into her argument, saying, "Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out, because he knew they were kind and clean animals."

Romesa said that she would love a Persian kitten, because they are "fluffy," but would be happy with any cat that needed a good home.

"I wanted to get one from a shelter, so I could save a cat because that's really important to me," she said.

She also pointed out that her parents are always telling her to have less screen time with her electronics, but if she had a cat, she would be too busy playing with her pet to be on her devices.

"I just really want a cat because it would just change my life," she said.

Rimsha said she thought her sister's essay was cute, so she decided to share it on Twitter. Now, a ton of other people online are rooting for the sisters to finally get a cat.

my 11 year old sister deadass just typed a 6 page report on why we should adopt a cat loooool

Come on, mom and dad!

@sassysamosa she has stats and data in there tho. 😹 your parents gotta give her a cat tomorrow!

She put so much effort into the report!

@sassysamosa you guys should get her a cat. I doubt any PhD student would have worked so sincerely on her thesis the way she has on this

Some even started a hashtag.


And people agreed that there are plenty of cats and kittens in their area that could use a loving owner like Romesa.

@sassysamosa Omg omg omg this is the cutest thing, there are 200 cats in SA's shelter right now, 119 under a year o…

"So many people are pulling for this-your folks can't let thousands down!"

@sassysamosa So many people are pulling for this-your folks can't let thousands down!

Rimsha said she has loved to see how many people are rooting for them to get a cat.

As for their parents, she said their dad seems convinced, now they just need to work on their mom.

"I think chances are maybe 80% as of now," she said.

Everyone's pulling for you!

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