Patriotic Rabble-Rousers Defy Sledding Ban At Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill police have temporarily lifted the ban on sledding down the Hill after a group of kids openly defied the rule during Thursday's snowstorm.

A group of kids showed America what the right of protest is all about by openly defying a ban on sledding on Capitol Hill during Thursday's snowstorm.

The freedom fighters bravely took to the Hill to show the world what good, old-fashioned patrotism looks like.

Just look at these rabble-rousers.

Kids ignoring USCP regulations & sledding on House side of US Capitol amid snowstorm.

He's so brave.

Reporters raced to the scene to get the inside scoop on the civil disobedience.

Reporters talk to kids sledding on Capitol Hill


#breaking Civil Disobedience on Capitol Hill as people sled at the Capitol in defiance of US Capitol Police orders.

The sledding ban has been a hot topic of debate in D.C. this winter, the Washington Post reported.

Sledding was banned on the Hill after 9/11, but the rule was rarely enforced. However, last month capitol police began to enforce the ban after complaints, the Washington Post reported.

But lawmakers, such as D.C.'s at-large congressional representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, spoke out to fight for the children's right to sled.

Holmes Norton requested that officials lift the ban temporarily during Thursday's snow storm, and reconsider the ban in the future.

"Children and their parents should able to enjoy sledding on one of the best hills in the city," she said.

Holmes Norton's movement drew supporters like Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

Co-sign RT @EleanorNorton: I just wrote to U.S. Capitol Police requesting a waiver of the sledding ban for Thur-Sun:

At first, Capitol Police rejected Holmes Norton's request and said the ban would be enforced.

Snow day at the US Capitol with sledders out in force.

This inspired kids and their parents to head to the Hill on Thursday for the "sled-in" protest.

However, a few hours later, history was made.

No enforcement of #sledding ban on Capitol Hill today. Thank you Capitol Police!

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead.

MT @EmilyMiller: Word has gotten out that Capitol sled ban not being enforced today.

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