People Love How Excited This Dog Is To Play On A College Football Team

"I'm now a Boise State fan based on this dog."

If you're not a college football fan, here is something that may change your mind — Just watch this video from Twitter user Javen Knott of Boise's State's official kickoff tee retriever.

Boise State has a dog who retrieves the tee after Kickoffs and I've never seen anything so pure

The college football team uses a puppy to grab the tee after kickoff instead of a staff member. And he LOVES to do it!

This dog who retrieves the tee after kickoffs at Boise State is the best football player on television tonight at a…


Football's best friend 🐶 🐾 WATCH: Boise State uses trained dog to retrieve kickoff tee:

The dog this year is named Cowboy Kohl and is 7 years old, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Boise State has a dog that retrieves kickoff tees and I'm dying.

Kohl also retrieves bats for the school's baseball team, and shoots free throws during basketball games, the newspaper reported.

He also signs autographs with his paw, the newspaper reported.

There are some Good Dogs on The Blue this morning! Our friends at A Better Pet Dog Training are working hard! 🐶

People on Twitter really loved the video of Kohl being a very good boy doing a very good job.

The Boise State kick tee returner is a dog. Gotta love it 💯🔥🏈

Many said they wanted to go to Boise State now.

"So what made you choose Boise State for college?" "Um they have a dog that retrieves the tee after kickoffs"

And had nothing but praise for the pooch.

Boise State dog sweetie you're doing so well. I'm so proud of you

"I'm now a Boise State fan based on this dog."

I'm now a Boise State fan based on this dog.

Keep up the good work!

Kohl, Boise State Tee Dog. #positivepets