This Terrifying Fog Bank Makes It Look Like A Huge Wave Is About To Hit New Jersey


Lifeguards in Sea Girt, New Jersey, posted a seemingly terrifying photo to their social media accounts on Monday.

But don't worry, Mother Nature is not about to wreak havoc on the Garden State. That "wave" is actually a fog bank that has lined up just right with the coast line.

Some other shots of today's monster storm. #swimnearalifeguard #seagirt

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey, posted a satellite image showing how the fog lined up just right to create the image of a wave.

Check out this fog bank right along the NJ coast on May 31, 2015. Thanks to @SGLifeguards for the picture! #njwx #fog

And people on social media shared more hauntingly beautiful images of the fog-wave.

A fog tsunami yesterday over the ocean in Belmar @GarySzatkowski @SamChampion #wildweather

In conclusion, nature is cool.

H/t: Mashable.