Brazil Got Knocked Out Of The World Cup And People Are Melting Down

"Brazil, I'm devastated."

On Friday, Brazilian fans were devastated when their team was knocked out of the World Cup by losing 2–1 to Belgium.

Fans were melting down all over Twitter.

There were lots of ~feelings~.

brazil losing to belgium: a mood board


Mood after Brazil and Germany eliminated

*Sad violin.*

Some were mad.

Nah this World Cup really a joke. Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil gone but fucking RUSSIA has a match tomorrow. The Devil works hard but the Kremlin works harder.

Why thooo.

Brazil lost and I can’t stop crying and my sister won’t stop messing with me 😭


I thought brazil would come through last few mins

Many people also made a reference to this popular Brazilian meme, which comes from a tweet in response to Lady Gaga canceling her Brazil concert last year (the more you know).

"Brazil, I'm devastated."

Even supermodel Martha Hunt is sad!

Others were happy though.


A refreshing cup of Brazil fans' tears.

OK this is clever.

we go now live to Brazil's World Cup champonship hopes

Many made reference to Neymar's rolling, which has become it's own meme during the World Cup.

@neymarjr on his way back to Brazil What a game Belgium #Respect #BrazilvsMexico #FIFAWC2018 #BRAMEX

Neymar's family in Brazil welcoming him from the #worldcup #BRABEL

Brazil roll out of the #WorldCup like…

Brazil & Neymar are coming home… #BRA #Rusia2018

Brazil pilot to Neymar Hey Neymar come with us Neymar - sorry I already rolling to reach brazil #BRABEL

Neymar rolling his way back to Brazil #BRABEL #WorldCup

The knockout of Brazil means this is the first World Cup ever without Argentina, Germany, or Brazil in the Final Four, according to Optus Sport.

A first #WorldCup EVER without - Argentina - Germany - or Brazil in the final four. #BRABEL #OptusSport