This Gay Couple Of More Than 50 Years Was The First To Get Married In Dallas After Supreme Court Ruling

"Ten years ago, this was not even imaginable."

This is Jack Evans, 85, and George Harris, 82, of Texas.

Jack Evans & George Harris became first gay couple to get married in #Dallas after #SCOTUSMarriage ruling. @CBSDFW

The couple met at a house party 54 years ago and have been together ever since, Fox4 reported.

After SCOTUS decision, Jack Evans and George Harris get their marriage license:

They told Fox4 that police used to set up sting operations to target gay men.

“The police set up a party afterwards,” Evans said. “Once everybody got there, the police backed up a paddy wagon and arrested 29 people before they could get out the back door or hop out a window. [They] published their names in the Dallas Times Herald the next day, on a Sunday morning. Every one of those guys had to leave the city.”

They never went to Canada or another state to get married because they wanted to do it in their home state.

Jack Evans & George Harris together for 55 years and finally have received their marriage license. @fox4

So, when gay marriage became legal in all 50 states on Friday, they were the first in line at the courthouse in Dallas.

A great day for this great country. This is George Harris, 82 and Jack Evans, 85. Married in Dallas today #LoveWins

The pair was married by Judge Dennise Garcia, who is also a member of their church.

The judge tweeted she would be at the courthouse as "long as needed" to perform ceremonies.

I'm headed to court right now to perform ceremonies. Since I'm on vacation, no docket. I'll be there as long as needed.

"Ten years ago, this was not even imaginable. Had little hope it would ever come to Texas, still shocked that Texas is allowing it today," Evans said.

82-year-old George Harris and 85-year-old Jack Evans were the first same-sex couple married in Dallas. #LoveWins


BREAKING Jack Evans, George Harris just became the first couple in Dallas to obtain marriage license. @TexasObserver

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