Fans Are Saying This Sponcon Video From Shay Mitchell Is The Fakest Thing They've Ever Seen

"Tell me @shaymitch must be beyond embarrassed about that 'makeup remover ad.'”

Shay Mitchell is best known for Pretty Little Liars, but for the past two years she has been serving as a brand ambassador for Bioré. Since this is 2018, this means she posts a LOT of sponcon for the brand on social media.

However, fans have been dragging her for a video she posted this week on her Snapchat. One person named Jordan did us all a solid by uploading it to Twitter.


In the video, Mitchell shows off her "favorite" Bioré makeup remover that, as she says, even gets rid of waterproof mascara. However, people are saying it seems like she...barely even wiped her eye? Like, if at all?

People were dying laughing.

Shay Mitchell magically “rubbing off makeup” without touching her eye is the same as Jaclyn Hill magically having a much more vibrant eye look “off camera” with those vault palettes

They said she def was just pretending to remove her makeup.

Can’t stop laughing at Shay Mitchell pretending to remove her makeup HAHA LIKE GIRL U DIDNT EVEN TRY TO BE REAL

Some said it was super cringeworthy.

Tell me @shaymitch must be beyond embarrassed about that “makeup remover ad” #cringe

"Girl you didn't even touch your damn eye."

Can we talk about how cringe the @shaymitch biore ad is??? Lol girl you didn’t even touch your damn eye hahaha

Many also found it hilarious.

the video of shay mitchell pretending to take off her makeup for a sponsorship is so funny I can't stop watching it

Women are even posting their own videos to show how easily they can take their makeup off too!

It's so easy!

just thought i'd test my favorite product the shay mitchell way

Others pointed out that this seems to be another instance of the beauty Instagram community being shady.

So @bioreus , you’re just going to allow @shaymitch to “promote” your products like this? This is embarrassingly bad. Especially given the climate of the beauty community at the moment. She didn’t even use the product. Anything for $$ I guess.

"Just makes me think the product isn't worth buying if she had to lie," said one person.

@bioreus you guys cool with the public being blatantly lied to by someone representing your company? Just makes me think the product isn't worth buying if she had to lie 🤷‍♂️ 🤔 #biore #lies #con #shaymitchell

BuzzFeed News has contacted representatives for Mitchell and Bioré for comment on the backlash.

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