This Lesbian Couple Planned The Exact Same Proposal For Each Other At The Same Time And Their Reactions Were Priceless

"When in the universe will there ever be two lesbians that want to propose at the same time, the same day, the same place, and the same way?"

When Tori Monaco and her newly minted fiancé, Berkley Cade, met online and started dating a year ago they immediately knew they had found something special in each other.

Monaco, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin from New Braunfels, Texas, told BuzzFeed News she immediately saw a future with Cade soon after they met.

"We are each other's first same-sex relationship, so we were blown away by our ability to connect with each other immediately and find the happiness we had been looking for," she said.

Four months ago, Cade enlisted Monaco's best friend to go ring shopping casually. They found the perfect ring.

Cade, who is stationed in the Air Force in Texas, and her mom, Kristy, immediately started thinking of ways she could propose.

She and her mother decided it would be perfect if she proposed while the couple was visiting Cade's family in Washington this month. The idea was to do it during a game of Pictionary.

So, imagine Kristy's surprise when Monaco called her to say that SHE had just bought a ring and wanted to propose on their trip to Washington, the exact same time as Cade.

Luckily, Kristy was quick on her feet, and she immediately told Monaco she thought it would be a great idea.

"[Kristy] said she was planning a fun game night already, so I could do it then so Berk wouldn't be suspicious," Monaco said. "I said great, I could incorporate it into charades, and she said how about Pictionary!"

That's right — Kristy knew about both planned proposals, and set it up so both women planned to propose to each other in the exact same way.

Monaco said her future mother-in-law told her she'd had "sleepless nights" planning it all.

"When in the universe will there ever be two lesbians that want to propose at the same time, the same day, the same place, and the same way? I have to get it right," Kristy said, according to Monaco.

So when the big game night came, both women were ready to propose, having no idea they were getting a surprise as well. It made for an incredibly special moment.

Double proposal playing Pictionary 😭 so amazing & I’m so happy for you 2💖 this was so perfect 😭😍 @BerkleyCade…

A video of the proposal soon went viral on Twitter, because, duh, how could it not?

Monaco said she was totally shocked, saying she'd thought Cade might propose in Washington but had been hoping to beat her by a few days.

"When she began drawing the picture and had her hands shaking and was taking so long to draw the prompt, I had my heart pounding thinking she must know I am going to propose," Monaco said. "There is no way she is proposing too. And when I got down on one knee and proposed and she was struck mute, I figured I would give a speech and she would say yes, but instead she pulls out her own ring. I [was] laughing at the coincidence, crying tears of happiness, and unbelievably shocked that something so perfect was happening to me."

Yep — it's pretty perfect, all right!

Monaco said it has been amazing to get so much support for the proposal(s) on social media.

"We are beyond humbled by our relationship," she said. "Having so many people support us and find inspiration and happiness in our successful, loving relationship is so amazing."

The happy couple is planning their wedding for Sept. 27, 2019. Congrats!

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