This Sky Pool Lets You Swim Suspended 500 Feet In The Air And It's Terrifyingly Awesome

Don't look down!

An apartment complex in Houston is making waves online for its incredibly terrifying glass-bottomed pool that sits 500 feet above the street below. Just take a look at this video.

The new complex, Market Square Tower, boasts the insane pool as one of its amenities. The pool extends 10 feet out from the building, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Here's a view of the pool from the ground. *gulp*

And the view from above.

And here's a view of the skyline. This looks relaxing TBH.

The video of the death-defying pool soon went viral, and people were really divided on whether they would take a dip in it. A lot of people were like, "Absolutely not."

Why why why no no no.

Don't you go to a pool to relax???

@CNN Not my idea of a relaxing swim😰@FoxNews @CNN

"I don't think I'm that brave," one person said.

A pool with a glass bottom. I don't think I'm that brave.

But plenty of other people were totally down.

@CNN @TheCubanPanda Let's go. 😉🌺

One woman said she is totally adding the pool to her bucket list.

@TODAYshow Absolutely! I live an hour from Houston and will be adding that to the Bucket List!

"Sign me up," another guy said.

@TODAYshow sign me up - not a problem here

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