Donald Trump Once Said People Should Eat Pizza Backwards

Is this what we deserve, America?

Donald Trump has done a lot of controversial things since he announced he was running for president, but Twitter may have unearthed the most shocking thing yet.

Say what you want about trump, but you can't ignore the fact that HE EATS PIZZA CRUST FIRST WTF

The presumptive GOP nominee starred in a Pizza Hut commercial in the '90s in which he advocated for Americans eating their pizza crust-first....aka backward.


The best pizza is made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Italians!

The whole commercial, which Trump starred in with his then-wife Ivana, is worth a watch because it is truly WTF.

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(I am so glad I am too young to remember a time when Trump starred in seductive pizza commercials with his wife.)

Spoiler alert: Trump wants us to eat the crust backward because it is stuffed-crust pizza. As if.

Needless to say, people are shocked...

Donald Trump eats pizza from the crust first... and this the man y'all want to be president?


And disgusted.

if anyone is looking for another reason to hate him here u go “Donald Trump wants us to eat pizza crust first”

But some people defended him.

I hate trump just as much as everyone else but nothing is wrong with eating the crust of the pizza first 😂😕,that's how I eat it

And said crust-first was the way to go.

Everyone is making fun of trump for eating the pizza crust first but have you ever tried eating it that way shits the bomb bruh

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