People Are Saying "WTF" Over Trump Calling Himself "Mr. Brexit"


On Thursday, Donald Trump announced to the world he was giving himself a new nickname (not really how it works but OK.)

The name? "Mr. Brexit."

Everyone's collective reaction: "Whaat?"

Trump explained what he meant on Fox and Friends, saying he believes he will overcome polling predictions and be elected in November, just as Britain ultimately voted to leave the European Union.

.@realDonaldTrump: I think I will be called "Mr. Brexit"

But some people were still like, WTF.

@realDonaldTrump: "They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT!"

Others said it actually wasn't such a bad comparison.

#Trump: "They'll be calling me 'Mr. #Brexit'..." Yes, they sure will. Urban Dictionary:

While others pointed out that the comparison was pretty off-track.

endless flaws in the Mr. Brexit comparison, but the biggest? Leave actually ran a real, fundamentals-based campaign:

Of course, some people just started mocking him.

They call me Bell They call me Stacey They call me her They call me Mr. Brexit That's not my name That's not my name That's not my name That

Ballads were written.

Call him Mr Brexit, call him Mr Wrong, Call him Mr Vain Call him Mr Brexit, call him Mr Wrong, Call him insane

And many jokes.

Mr. Brexit is my dad, you can call me Eric

Others shouted out to the OG "Mr. Brexit."

We can't wait for the movie!

Coming to theatres in summer 2017: Captain America v Mr Brexit

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