Here Are The Best Pop Culture References About The Rachel Dolezal Scandal

If only Scooby and the gang had been on the case.

You may have heard a story over the weekend about Rachel Dolezal.

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Dolezal was serving as the leader of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP when her parents told reporters last week she was a Caucasian woman posing as African-American.

On Monday, Dolezal resigned from her position at the NAACP.

Of course, people on the internet began to make some pretty great pop culture references about the scandal. Here are the best:

1. Where was the Scooby gang when we really need them?

2. Barney Stinson has been there.

3. Maybe she was just serving the many-faced God?

4. You knew someone would make this joke.

5. And this one.

6. Going old school with a Brady Bunch reference.

7. Maybe Dolezal was just "method acting?"

8. Or is suffering from total recall?

9. Someone resurrected this strange old comic for the occasion.

10. Nothing will ever happen again without someone making a Brian Williams joke.

BONUS: This, just because it is funny.